The clove-apple is a natural and authentic souvenir that will last for at least one hundred years, and its smell never fades.
Making the clove-apple is an old Kurdish tradition, and it is the symbol of peace and love. Clove-apple is used for two purposes:
Firstly, by sending it to your lover, you are showing love when it is hard to express your feelings with words. 
Secondly, when two lovers are in a huff, one can send a clove-apple as a message of peace and appeasement.

  • Seywan Saedian, a Kurdish artist, since 2004 has tried to revitalize this old tradition, both nationally and internationally in the form of some art projects.
  • So far, clove-apple related projects have been accomplished in different countries such as Kurdistan(Iraq), Turkey, Iran, Sweden, Belgium, and Germany.
  • In 2013, the Vinsev company was founded to distribute the clove-apple in an especial package as a Kurdish brand in the Kurdistan region (KRG).
  • This Artcraft is officially recognized and registered by the KRG General Board of Tourism as the Kurdish symbol and heritage.


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