Pasari Art Production

Pasari Art Production is a family company and group of three artists who present different types of f art and artworks.
Seywan Saedian is a sculptor, painter, photographer, designer, filmmaker, poet, and author who specializes in making metal sculptures by the junk iron. He owns the idea of “Cloved Apple” (Sevi mixakrej in Kurdish) and has held exhibitions in various countries.
Runak Rasoulpour is a designer, illustrator, and animator who works with ceramic as well. She has designed more than 20 children’s books and several magazines, books, and products. She also made some animations and short films.
The youngest member of the group, Passari, is the son of this family and takes his first steps of art and sculpture.

Pasari Art Production was founded in 2020 in Sweden with the intention to create and produce artworks in the different spheres of art such as sculpture, animation, filmmaking, photography, illustration, ceramic, and literature. The Saedian family, as the founders of this company, has been living in Gävle, Sweden, since 2018, as guest artists of the Free City (ICORN).